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The subtle range of colours can't all be shown here. I have too many photos and a great many more recent. In the gallery below are more colours and throughout the website in mixed flowers, it gives you a rough idea.


I personally find it best to stick to two or three main colours with variation of shades. Too much thrown together gets lost and takes away from the flowers, however, in nature nothing seems to it depends entirely on choice.

 Simple table decorations can have a different colour combination per table, which gives an overall mixed effect, or very simple delicate mixes. Some of my favourites are Green and white, Duck egg blue and chocolate, lime green as in Dill and salmon pink sweetpeas, orange and mauve,pink and yellow etc. from really wild colour combinations, to really simple and delicate that speak for themselves, so much to choose from. It's all down to the individual. Mixing larger and smaller more delicate flowers in the same pallete works well too.  Often an accident in the garden will throw up an exciting new combination that you wouldn't think will work but is stunning. 


One of my favourites last year were some pale blue and white striped heirloom sweetpeas, with almost black heirloom and nigella white or blue, with orlaya grandiflora,white lace flower. 

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