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The Forgotten Garden

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The gardens are off an ancient deep Devon lane and were originally six  strip fields, then later opened up for Strawberries and Cauliflowers, used as market gardens. From a basic grass field with two apple trees, buildings and some Rasberries, the garden is developing and changing all the time. It doesn't and will not happen overnight. It can look wonderful, it can look a mess, depending on weather and if I have time to use my best friend my strimmer! It is always wonderful to be in and experience the wildlife and changing seasons and of course optimistic expectations!Gardens take time to grow!


There are perrenial areas, shrubs, foliage, fruit, herbs and areas that can be rotated for annuals, a new Pick your own area( that looks more likely for 2020 ) as well as the overgrown areas, needing work over winter. Sometimes life gets in the way, we are not perfect! 


There has been a big interest in workshops.We are working to be able to offer more in the future.
















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