The Forgotten Garden
The Forgotten Garden

Growing on the wild side

Some people call it naturalising, some a mess. I enjoy growing areas where the plants and flowers mix together with grasses and wild planting and enjoy the surpises and often beauty that develops from that. It wouldn't find favour with some gardeners.


I'm learning  all the time, as often we don't experiment in that way and I am finding as someone who has a reasonable knowledge of wildlife new visitors to the garden I have not seen before. The more you see and learn the more aware you are of your actions. If I allow all the Spring flowers to seed around the plum trees the grass gets long and then I feel bad for the beetles and voles when I strim back when the birds benefit.  The long grass makes home for voles and Bumble bees with good early food sources which are available to them in the garden.  There are always winners and loosers. Nature often leaves a " thank you " card by way of an Orchid,violet or new insect or butterfly to the garden.  It's strange that we buy packets of ornamental grasses yet our own native grasses are stunning and valuable to moths..


With flowers,trees,grasses, hedges and herbs there's hopefully a good supply of food for wild neighbours.


Here is a gallery of some of the flowers allowed to breathe easy in the garden!











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