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Our Market Garden based on the edge of Exmoor at Combe Martin, North Devon, specialises in Sweetpeas, Spencer, highly scented Heirloom and assorted cut flowers and garden produce with a hint of individual and unique natural country style.


Most pages on the website have an appropriate gallery. ALL photos are of flowers and or produce picked from the garden.  If in the future for larger orders other british flowers would have to be used, it would be clearly stated.


The garden covers six acres, with three for growing and three kept tidy by some very friendly Shetland sheep.


No pesticides or herbicides are used.  Only North Devon sunshine, rain, insects and field spring water, have contact with the flowers.


We have owned and been growing and selling to shops, florists, farmers markets, restaurants and individuals from this garden for several years on a small personal scale, having aquired The Forgotten Garden in 2006. If you have had local sweetpeas or cut flowers locally for a wedding it is likely they have derived from this garden. Growing enables you to have a strong sense of when the flowers are at their best, what to grow and how they will perform. You are always learning something new to get the best results.


Most of the seed 80/90 percent is self saved seed which means you can grow vast amounts, select colours and form and it has adapted to the conditions of the field and the life cycle of any insects, butterflies etc that need a food source at a certain time, also protecting our valuable pollinators and insects from chemical interaction. The only exception are the top notch Spencer Sweetpeas, which I prefer to buy in from this country from a specialist to guarantee top quality.


The flowers grown and colour spectrum and scent, are not always available on a large commercial scale, which along with a personal service make them so unique and desireable. 


These are what I term "proper flowers" as nature intended, as real and proper as they should be, alive, fresh and vibrant.


We always aim to grow and promote local quality flowers and garden produce, in a sustainable way working with wildlife and the environment, keeping alive the Market Garden Heritage on the South facing slopes of Combe Martin, North Devon.












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