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our Flowers.


Our flowers are available when they decide to grow and Anemones and Narcissi are just starting, with Ranunculas budding up nicely. By mid March they will be more available, weather dependent.


Please remember that these flowers are seasonal, grown locally and most importantly are British and not flown in and stored, so are not available all the time. They do however have scent, life and you may have never seen some varieties before.





The gardens are seperate to the postal address and worked daily. Thursday, Friday and Saturday can be busy in season, so consider this when thinking to order, as they may already be booked.


We provide flowers and foliage and offer a floristry service in season. Please remember should you wish to buy. The flowers need to be picked early am. and conditioned for 24 hours for next day requirement. Some foliage can be two days.This is to make sure that you have them at their very best. All budgets are catered for, we want everyone to have access to these flowers. For any shops or markets we always make sure there is a variety of price ranges.


FLORISTS and INDIVIDUALS  are welcome to buy from the garden. Flowers are priced by the stem.There is no minimum order and mixed flowers are fine. There is a premium for same coloured and unusual flowers. Delivery may incurr a small charge dependant on where you are. This is based on mileage and time away from the gardens.


There is too much to put it all here and always some "specials" not usually available. lots of wild grown too, so just ask for what you have in mind and we can go from there.


In flower colours, a purple can be very close in shade to a blue and there are lots of ranges of pinks, so its helpful fo you to be really sure of the colour ranges you require. A helpful hint is to pick up anything even D.I.Y. paint charts to give you ideas and confidence of what you want and play around with colours.


Flowers can be obtained by the bunch or by buckets. Hotels, restaurants and galleries etc may also find it more beneficial to buy the D.I.Y. option and arrange themselves.


These flowers are not just for weddings, they are for everyone. I've picked for farmers funerals, Artists, market gardeners and individuals who want flowers and greenery that is personal to them and often bring back a valuable memory. 



















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