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Flowers for every occasion are grown at the garden in season. An enchanting and lovely Bridesmaid. D.I.Y. Wedding. Heirloom sweetpeas with Nigella. Ideal for little hands.


When the flowers are in season, they are NOT just for weddings. but can, often dependent on weather conditions, be obtained by the bunch, the bucket, at Farmers markets, by the stem for church ladies. Any Hotels, Florists, Restaraunts and Galleries can buy stems to fill their own vases or choice of containers. There is also an option of flower arranging buckets to be shared.


If you have someone who requires a special bouquet, a gift of a small bunch/ bunches for a dinner or family celebration feel free to get in touch.


The way these flowers are grown and type, are often chosen for green funerals and more personal funeral flowers. They celebrate a life and new beginnings and a good day!


IMPORTANT: Please remember ALL flowers need to be picked and CONDITIONED in the early morning. Foliage two days before and flowers one day BEFORE required so they are at their best for the day needed. No one wants droopy flowers! No deliveries by post, we pick into water and deliver in water.  


For weddings it is a good idea to know your budget. These flowers are sown, grown, looked after and only the best chosen often taking six to eight hours picking time, then conditioned,  with varieties often unavailable. Your wedding, flowers and style unique to you. A lot of brides are unfamiliar with the cost of flowers. These flowers are charged by the stem in all cases, which means they can easily be adapted to arrangers buckets, what you require and your costs. There are no wraps of 25s etc


We provide for florists and Flower arrangers buckets I am considering specific seasonal buckets which would consist of mixed fillers and foliage with a certain amount of focal flowers. This would mean ANYONE can buy, take home and arrange or even share a bucket!


 You are getting quality, scent, fresh flowers,  taking time, love and passion to produce with a very personal service. Although you can cut your costs with arrangers buckets, I would always recomend that unless you have a florist in the family, myself or a florist makes the bouquets and buttonholes for a wedding.


 It  helps to know what will be in season for the dates you have chosen. These seasonal flowers, will remind you just when in the year you became Mr and Mrs!


Usually two weeks before the wedding you can visit the gardens, see your flowers growing and have a mock up so you know exactly what you will be getting on the day! This is usually a very exciting and reasuring experience.


In any instance feel free to get in touch for any queries you may have.













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