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We are a local family and own the gardens. We have engaged with people from all walks of life, so not a lot surprises us. We are experienced in What we do and make an effort to keep up with trends and improving our own skills , year on year. Our personal touch is very important to us.  


I was fortunate to grow up in a home where we lived outdoors as children. Rockpooling, swimming, surfing, foraging, playing in woods, climbing rocks, Lizard and slowworm hunting and newt catching.A good sense of adventure, which you need to have growing flowers believe me and wild flowers were on the table!


It really helps to have that natural connection with what you grow and your surroundings. Michael Chinerys book The Living Garden, published in the 80's was also inspiring.  To be nose to eye with various bees, butterflies, birds and insects because you have welcomed them all to the garden is a joy and a privilege to experience. This is why at the garden we grow beautiful flowers and occasional produce without the use of chemicals, save large amounts of own seed  and encourage wildlife to help us out. This can go awry when you have an explosion or as it is called a bouquet of pheasants!


Everyone is welcome to buy our flowers. We offer British flowers usually from March/April to October. I am a bit of a nerd regarding sweet peas so grow rather a lot and would love to cover the whole area, just too many beautiful varieties! We sell to florists, D.I.Y. wedding flowers, Wedding bouquets, boutonnaires,  table flowers and bunches and bouquets in various price ranges, also loose stems in buckets to share. Occasionally farewell flowers as a very personal celebration of a life and are happy to include own flowers from their gardens, allotments or fields.


Florists have been led to feel stem length is paramount. Our sweet peas have long straight stems, however, a lot of brides are now requiring flowers of more variety in shorter and various stem lengths and smaller flowers, due to the trend for various containers to hold the flowers. This trend is catered for. They are seasonal, so please check or pre order.  There are "specials" that I keep solely for the gardens use! We have to be different!


We were fortunate to have help from North Devon AONB in 2015 with a grant for sustainability, helping us to make water catchers, to help us meet our sometimes difficult watering needs, for which we were extremely grateful.


 Flowers are abundant in season particularly sweet peas! You can follow our Facebook page The forgotten garden. Twitter @pattfgarden Instagram @theforgottengardenflowers


Thank you for taking time to get to know us.













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